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Web Development

Xertab provides web design and web development rooted in creativity and founded in technical expertise. Our strong web development bolsters your web design so that you have error-free loading pages and a flexible web structure to support an expanding business.

Bespoke Software

We have been creating bespoke Software Development Solutions for many years. We design, develop and support business critical software applications for our clients and their customers across the globe.

Mobile Application

We understand the importance of Mobile Applications and how it complements the internet presence of our customers. At Xertab our accomplished designers and developers through the medium of the interactive mobile applications aim to make the lives of the entrepreneurs easier and smooth.


Xertab provides automation software that gives you the power to claim back hours in your workday. It is an IT and business process automation software platform that integrates and automates the diverse applications and technologies that drive your business.


Xertab is a full service software consulting company; we bring together years of experience not only in software development and systems integration, but also in business understanding, enabling us to tailor solutions that reflect our customers' real world business requirements.

Business Application

We provide a full range of business application development services to help our clients maximize the use of information technology. Our expertise on a variety of platforms allows us to develop solutions that are not tied to a specific vendor or product.

Time Sheet Management

Timesheet management provides you complete details of the employee activity and lets you decide the priorities. This software streamlines and automates timesheet, expense and leaves management, saves huge administrative cost and helps you to plan your activities and achieve goals faster.

Guard log

Our Guard Log Management service encapsulates the high-performing and efficient aggregation, storage and report methods you require for your security, network, and application logs.

Job Application Management

With its business intelligence platform, Xeratb provides the data and insights senior and mid-level management need to make the right business decisions. The software is highly configurable, allowing you to lay out screens according to your personal preferences and modify user interfaces. The software is web-based and paid for monthly based on number of users.

Human Resources Management System

With the stunning array of different HR software that is available for today’s human resource management professionals, choosing a single solution can seem to be a daunting task. To help reduce the playing field, we’ll give you the most common buyer’s goals.

Factory ERP

Xertab has a single focus – to develop and deliver excellent ERP solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies, so they can improve the performance of their businesses.

Maintenance of Existing System

Whether you are looking for a low cost web site design and maintenance system, or want to convert an existing web site design and maintenance, or are looking for custom web site design and maintenance, we have design packages, maintenance plans and helpful services to suit your needs. Xertab is simply the easiest, most affordable way to achieve your web site design and maintenance system goals.

Information Security System

Without standard "account limits" or "hidden charges", Xertab provides the most affordable & feature rich software without exorbitant upgrade charges as users grow. Offering single & multi user systems on a standard PC platform, our system accommodates all size central stations and keeps them on the "leading edge" by offering periodic upgrades and enhancements to the entire product line.

Financial Service

Our financial services has a strong global reach with a sales, marketing and support. It also has strong alliance and implementation relationships with industry leaders.

Legal Services

Xertab Legal Services has been delivering the perfect balance of software and services from stand-alone applications to fully-integrated enterprise systems and offers flexible, scalable solutions, tailored to meet the requirements and the budget of nearly any law firm.


Xertab refers to the set of Document Management Solutions that are based on modern Technology. The main goal of Xertab is offering the possibilities of document technology not only to IT specialists, but also to those more oriented to other business processes.

Technical writing

For many of the documents required to use special software applications to make the process of technical writing easier, Xertab’s team of technical writing consultants work with software companies around the world on a daily basis to provide the best in world-class Technical Writing Services.